Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Bakeries

Atex Industrial Vacuums is proud to introduce The Bakery Vacuums from RGS UK

ONE63ECOH Single Phase Bakery Vacuum
ONE63ECOH Single Phase
A21MX 1.3D Single Phase Vacuum
A21MX 1.3D Single Phase
A337MX 1.3D Single Phase Vacuum
A337MX 1.3D Single Phase
A63MX 1.3GD Single Phase Vacuum
A63MX 1.3GD Single Phase
A63X 1.3GD Three Phase Vacuum
A63X 1.3GD Three Phase

These professional industrial vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed for cleaning hot crumbs and powders, i.e. flour from industrial ovens and ba­kery areas (Atex zone 21).

Following years of experience of installing hundreds of industrial vacuums and vacuum systems in to supermarkets and industrial bakers RGS have developed a range of machines suitable for the bakery industry. These vacuums can be used safely in potentially dangerous conditions and areas, such as the internal cleaning of bakery ovens which may exceed temperatures of 250 degrees C and picking up powder with a high explosion risk such as flour.

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